CASAS Members

The members of CASAS Global share a common focus on ecological, social, and economic problems affecting agriculture and natural resource management. Through the broad range of specializations the members bring to bear on these problems, the organization uses this unique collaboration to address ecosystem-wide issues and provide solutions that benefit the common good.

Image of Andrew Paul Gutierrez
Andrew Paul Gutierrez, PhD

Professor Andrew Paul Gutierrez is Professor in the Graduate School at the University of California and CEO of CASAS Global. His primary expertise is in the analysis of tritrophic agricultural systems. For CASAS he helps to develop a wide range of system models for crops and to explore the geographic distribution and abundance of invasive insect pests and weeds in a GIS context. More…

Image of Johann Ulrich Baumgärtner
Johann Ulrich Baumgärtner
Associate Director, CASAS Global NGO

Dr. Johann Baumgärtner is Associate Director and Research Fellow of CASAS Global. He has extensive international experience and wide-ranging interests in population dynamics and integrated management of crop pests and pests of medical importance; integrated agricultural production systems; biodiversity conservation; and adaptive management of populations, ecosystems and eco-social systems. His administrative experience includes leading research teams in international agricultural research. More…

Image of Marina Pizzamiglio
Marina A. Pizzamiglio-Gutierrez
Treasurer, CASAS Global NGO

Ms. Marina Pizzamiglio is treasurer and research fellow with CASAS Global. Her primary interests are in biological control and field and laboratory studies of crop pest systems. More…

Image of Peter Kenmore
Peter E. Kenmore
Research Fellow

Peter E. Kenmore is former UN-FAO Representative in India and Chief Global Plant Protection in FAO Headquarters, Rome Italy. His interests include population dynamics and agroecological management of crop systems; agroecological policies and programs; and biodiversity in agricultural systems. More…

Image of Markus Bieri, PhD
Markus Bieri, PhD
Research Fellow

Dr. Markus Bieri is an independent agronomist and research fellow with CASAS Global. He has a strong background in recycling processes of organic residues, optimizing recycling systems, investigating new bioconversion techniques to gain end products of higher value, and project management and networking. More…

Image of Jose Ricardo Cure, PhD
José Ricardo Cure
Research Fellow

Professor José Ricardo Cure is a Professor at the Universidad Militar Nueva Granada in Colombia. He has extensive experience in pollination biology of wild bees, specifically their ecology, biology, taxonomy, biodiversity, population ecology and modeling. He has also led field teams in studies of the effects of weather on coffee production and the biological control of the coffee berry borer. He has extensive background in biological control. More…

Image of Thibaud dOultremont
Thibaud d’Oultremont, PhD
Research Fellow

Dr. Thibaud d’Oultremont is a research fellow with CASAS Global. He has interests in agro- and aquatic ecosystems analysis, IPM-biological control, population ecology, carnivore-plant-herbivore interactions, tritrophic modeling, GIS and transgenic crops. His background includes in-depth studies of ethics and culture, specifically social ethics, globalization, and environmental ethics. More…

Image of Gianni Gilioli, PhD
Gianni Gilioli, PhD
Research Fellow

Dr. Gianni Gilioli is Assistant Professor in Ecological Entomology in the Department of Molecular and Translational Medicine, University of Brescia (Italy). His primary area of expertise is mathematical modeling of complex ecological and epidemiological systems. He cooperates with CASAS Global members to evaluate risk assessments in the food chain; designs management models for natural resource and environmental and human health to promote sustainable development; and develops mathematical models of single-population dynamics, simple trophic webs, and spatially structured populations, as well as models of the analysis of eco-epidemiological systems. He is also involved in researching field methods for integrated pest management. More…

Daniel Rodríguez Caicedo
Research Fellow

Dr. Daniel Rodríguez Caicedo is Professor, Facultad de Ciencias Básicas y Aplicadas, Universidad Militar, Nueva Granada, Colombia. More…

Image of Luigi Ponti
Luigi Ponti, PhD
Research Fellow

Dr. Luigi Ponti is a research scientist at ENEA Rome and cooperates with CASAS Global on projects of wide mutual interest. He has a strong background in agro-ecology, systems modeling, data management and GIS application to invasive species research. More…

Antonio Boggia, PhD
Research Fellow

Dr. Antonio Boggia is Full Professor in the Bioeconomics Research Unit of the Department of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Sciences at the University of Perugia, Italy. His research interests include Ecological economics, Environmental assessment, Natural Resources management, Agricultural economics, Sustainable development economics and policy, Circular Economy. More…

Image of Philippe Marchand
Philippe Marchand
Research Fellow