Philippe Marchand

Philippe Marchand

Research Fellow, CASAS Global


Education & Languages

MSc in Physics, University of Ottawa, Canada

PhD in Environmental Science, Policy and Management,
University of California, Berkeley, California


English, French

Expertise & Interests

Individual-based, spatially-explicit models of population dynamics

Resilience and uncertainty in agroecosystems

Selected Publications

Marchand, P., Harmon-Threatt, A. and Chapela, I.H. “Testing models of bee foraging behavior through the analysis of pollen loads and floral density data.” Ecological Modelling (undergoing revision)

Marchand, P. and Rancourt, D. G. (2009). “General model for the aqueous precipitation of rough-surface nanocrystals and application to ferrihydrite genesis.” American Mineralogist, 94: 1428-1439.